transition support


So that you can decide if the TransitionGuide would be of use, we are including a few sample questions. The complete Transition Guide can be self-scored and will provide you with a profile of your strengths and areas to improve upon.

  • Your Situation: How You See The Transition
    1. Looking ahead, I feel able to--
      Plan ahead with great difficulty ---- Plan ahead with great ease
    2. I see my situation as--
      Totally out of personal control ---- Totally within personal control

  • Your Self: Who You Are
    1. I usually face life as--
      A pessimist ---- An optimist
    2. I feel a sense of control or mastery as I face transitions--
      Never ---- Always

  • Your Supports: What Help You Have From Others
    1. Can I count on support from my family?
      Inadequate support ---- Fully adequate support
    2. Can I count on support from my friends?
      Inadequate support ---- Fully adequate support
  • Your Strategies: How You Cope
    1. I cope by--
      Using few strategies ---- Using a range of strategies
    2. I cope by--
      Seeking advice ---- Not seeking advice

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