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DVD -- Retire Smart, Retire Happy

retire smart, retire happyBOSTON (9/7/07) — The transition into retirement can often be a daunting experience for those who don't prepare both financially and mentally. WGBH Boston Video provides audiences with the important information necessary to make this emotional life change easier with the release of Retire Smart, Retire Happy on October 30. Currently broadcasting nationally on public television, host Nancy Schlossberg is dedicated to helping people plan for a happy and fulfilled retired life.

Retire Smart, Retire Happy

Are you getting ready to retire, know someone who is retired, or are you struggling with retirement yourself? Retirement is not just about money--a healthy psychological portfolio is vital for this major life transition.

The traditional retirement age is 65, and today, nearly 6,000 Americans hit that milestone each day. As baby boomers age, that figure will jump to 9,000 per day. Author and counseling psychologist Nancy K. Schlossberg shows this booming demographic how to prepare for a successful and fulfilling retirement, addressing the common problems and emotional challenges that can occur, such as loss of purpose, loss of identity, and changing intimate relationships. Discover how your strengths and resources can lead you down many different paths and learn how to make retirement the best time of your life!

Dr. Nancy K. Schlossberg specializes in mid-life, aging, transitions, and coping. A retired college professor, she has made a successful transition to lecturer and author of eight books on life transitions, including her latest, Retire Smart, Retire Happy.


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Retire Smart, Retire Happy
RUNNING TIME: 54 minutes, plus additional bonus footage
SRP: $19.95