coping with life's changes


Transition Guide

by Nancy K. Schlossberg and Stephanie Kay

Developed by experts on coping strategies, this is a no-nonsense, action-oriented approach to mastering change. It will enable you or your clients to take charge of the change, see it in a new light and most importantly, move forward instead of looking back. The Transition Guide is an instrument specifically designed for those who face change in their career, their relationships, and other aspects of their life. Read More....

Retire Smart, Retire Happy: Finding Your True Path in Life

by Nancy K. Schlossberg

Most of us look forward to our retirement from full-time work, eagerly anticipating more free time and opportunities to play. But the reality of retirement can be very different. Relationships with family and friends may change and unexpected challenges may present themselves, leading us to wonder who we really are and what we can reasonably expect to accomplish in the remaining years of our lives. Read More....

Overwhelmed: Coping With Life’s Ups And Downs

by Nancy K. Schlossberg
Lexington Books

Change comes in all shapes and sizes. Some changes we choose, others are completely outside of our control, and some occur when what we expect to happen doesn’t happen-like getting a job, or a promotion, or a marriage. Overwhelmed offers help to individuals going through change-everything from divorce, death, birth of a first child, first supervisory job, loosing a job, moving, retiring. Read More....

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