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TransitionWorks: A New Way to Think About Change


Overwhelmed: Coping With Life's Ups And Downs
by Nancy K. Schlossberg
Published by M. Evans and Company, Inc.

OverwhelmedChange comes in all shapes and sizes. Some changes we choose, others are completely outside of our control, and some occur when what we expect to happen doesn't happen-like getting a job, or a promotion, or a marriage. Overwhelmed offers help to individuals going through change-everything from divorce, death, birth of a first child, first supervisory job, loosing a job, moving, retiring.

Overwhelmed suggests a step-by-step approach to turning overwhelming transitions into challenging experiences. By systematically sizing up transitions and one's resources for dealing with them, people can learn how to build on their strengths, cut their losses, and even grow in the process.

If you want to explore ways to strengthen your situation, self support, and strategies in greater detail, order "Overwhelmed: Coping With Life's Ups and Downs" by Nancy K. Schlossberg (M. Evans and Company, Inc., ISBN 978-1590771266). Ask your local bookstore to order it or call 800-462-6420.