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TransitionWorks: A New Way to Think About Change

Transition Guide

By Nancy K. Schlossberg and Stephanie Kay

Transition GuideDeveloped by experts on coping strategies, this is a no-nonsense, action-oriented approach to mastering change. It will enable you or your clients to take charge of the change, see it in a new light and most importantly, move forward instead of looking back. The Transition Guide is an instrument specifically designed for those who face change in their career, their relationships, and other aspects of their life.

The Transition Guide is a multiple choice instrument consisting of 56 questions, along with an evaluative narrative for use immediately after completion of the test. The Transition Guide is designed to help you identify problem areas for particular transitions and develop new strategies for coping.

In use for more than ten years, the Transition Guide has helped thousands of people with a new way to think about change. Updated this past year, the Transition Guide is now more relevant than ever giving the increasing number of societal changes.

The Transition Guide will enable you, your clients, or your students to take stock of available resources that will support coping with change.

Who buys The Transition Guide? Many individuals, schools and corporations have purchased the Transition Guide including:

Here is what others have said about the Transition Guide:

"The Transition Guide has given my patients and me a better understanding of the connection between stressful life events and health and how they can better cope with them." - Lee P. Rosky, M.D.

"As coordinator of the Univ. of Maryland Returning Students Program, I have found this instrument ideal for helping adults identify where they are in the transition process and what they need to help them integrate it." - Barbara Goldberg, NCC

"By taking the assessment, my clients are able to develop appropriate strategies which prevent them from getting stuck in the negative aspects of the transition." - Ruth Johnson, Human Resources Counselor, The World Bank."

Pricing for the Transition Guide has been priced to allow maximum utilization at a minimal cost. Those ordering multiple copies receive substantial discounts.

Sample Questions

So that you can decide if the TransitionGuide would be of use, we are including a few sample questions. The complete Transition Guide can be self-scored and will provide you with a profile of your strengths and areas to improve upon.

Your Situation: How You See The Transition

  1. Looking ahead, I feel able to--
    Plan ahead with great difficulty ---- Plan ahead with great ease
  2. I see my situation as--
    Totally out of personal control ---- Totally within personal control

Your Self: Who You Are

  1. I usually face life as--
    A pessimist ---- An optimist
  2. I feel a sense of control or mastery as I face transitions--
    Never ---- Always

Your Supports: What Help You Have From Others

  1. Can I count on support from my family?
    Inadequate support ---- Fully adequate support
  2. Can I count on support from my friends?
    Inadequate support ---- Fully adequate support

Your Strategies: How You Cope

  1. I cope by--
    Using few strategies ---- Using a range of strategies
  2. I cope by--
    Seeking advice ---- Not seeking advice

Paper Copies Pricing:

Guides ordered Price per unit
Single set $15.00
Additional sets Discounted by amount purchased on Paypal


Shipping to locations in the United States is a flat fee of $5. There is an additional fee for large orders. For shipments to locations outside of the United States, please contact us at transitionguide@gmail.com or call 301-233-4287 for shipping fees. Allow ten days for delivery. Rush orders for three day delivery, add $20. For overnight shipping, please contact us at transitionguide@gmail.com or call 301-233-4287. Payments can be made through PayPal: The safer, easier way to pay online!

Online Version

  1. The online verson may be ordered at www.transitionguide.com/ordering.php

    To order: Call us at 301-233-4287 or e-mail to: transitionguide.stephanie@gmail.com.