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TransitionWorks: A New Way to Think About Change

Transition Guide

Changes in life, career, relationships...

Transition GuideWelcome to Transition Guide, a site dedicated to helping you and those around you to better deal with changes, both large and small, that impact your life.

Whether you are personally experiencing a life change, or are a professional who works with clients, students, and families, our resources are designed with you in mind. Transition Guide is an organization dedicated to helping you address, understand, cope with, and embrace changes that we all face as we move through everyday life. We all need to manage a host of events during our lives, including entering and graduating from college, marriage, divorce, aging parents, our own aging, caregiving, career changes, retirement, and military transitions. Yet, knowing you’re planning to change your career, head overseas for a tour of duty in the armed forces, divorce or retire doesn't really explain much. Rather you need to look at the impact on your roles, routines, and relationships to understand how the transition is affecting your life and the lives of your family members. Then you can look at the coping resources you bring to the life change you are experiencing and determine if they are sufficient to help you get through.

Transition Guide will introduce you to examples of life transitions, provide useful links to other sites, and explain life transition resources that we feature. You can "take charge" of change in your life and for those with whom you work by understanding the transition process, recognizing and using your coping strengths and skills and adding new ones to better help you manage change. So if you're facing a personal, family, military or workplace transition, we offer a method for systematically coping with change to help you arrive at the solution that is appropriate for you or for those in your organization.

We also provide a contact us button that we hope you will use if you have questions about life transitions or the products and services that we offer.